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Hog Wild designs and manufactures the products shown on this website. Call the number below for wholesale orders only (i.e. only authorized stores with resale numbers can buy direct from Hog Wild). If you are a consumer and want to buy, you CAN order off this website because all orders are fulfilled by Hog Wild retailers. The store closest to you will ship you the merchandise.

If you want to complain, go ahead and call us, too (that’s for both consumers and our retailers). We like to know when we mess up.

If you want to compliment us, please don’t. It just goes to our head and makes us harder to deal with in the future.

Hog Wild Global Hog-quarters
12402 SE Jennifer St., #100, Clackamas, Oregon 97015

Toll Free 1.888.231.6465
Fax 503.233.0960

Due to major amounts of spam, we've limited our email contact to one person — poor old Piglet. Now she has to answer both complaints and compliments and delete all the messages not fit for reading. So be nice to Piglet. She's got a hard job

Editor’s note: Most emails are never received.

Editor’s note: Most emails are never returned.