Stuff you should know:

Product information may change after the catalog is printed and/or items are posted on our website. We regret any typographical errors and cannot be held responsible for them.

Some items are sold in assorted styles and colors. These are “mixed” at the factory and may not be even assortments.

Most of our items have small parts and may be choking hazards. The products we sell are recommended for children eight years and up.

Watch Warranty:
We offer a two year warranty to our end user customers. Valid in USA only.

A Word About Submitted Email Addresses, Images and Videos:
If we've got your photo or video on our website and you don't like it, ask yourself this question: Why did I send it to them? If you've still got no reasonable answer and are still boiling mad, call us and we'll consider taking it down. If you want to have a picture on our website, take a good one and send it to us via email or a hard copy photo. Note that we keep all photos because of loneliness and lack of stamps.

If you gave us your email address, we respect your privacy and promise not to share it anyone. But if you gave it to us, we figure it's because you wanted to hear back from us... or because of loneliness and lack of stamps.

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