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New & Improved! Now with Secure Launch U-Peg. See Instructions for details.

The Aquapod is a futuristic, one piece design plastic bottle launcher made of highly durable ABS plastic. It needs no assembly, just an ordinary bicycle pump, a bottle and water. The Aquapod launches ordinary plastic soda bottles up to 100 feet in the air and is the only launcher available with a built in pressure release valve for everyone’s safety.

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The Aquapod is the most exciting and safest bottle launcher available. This intriguing hobby toy requires no assembly and is ready to launch with the addition of a regular 2-liter plastic soda bottle and an ordinary bicycle pump. The Aquapod has a florescent orange futuristic one piece design that captures the eye instantly. Not only does the Aquapod launch a bottle up to 100 feet in the air, but no other launcher out there has a built in safety valve that releases pressure at 50 psi in order to keep everyone safe from over-pressurizing the entire system.

Just fill a 2-liter plastic bottle half with water and secure it over the white launch tube upside down. Using any ordinary pump, pressurize the Aquapod through the valve stem until the check valve inside the front leg releases pressure and water. Then, stand back with the strap in your hand that is attached to a 15 foot string and give a short, quick tug on the string to launch the bottle high into the air.

The Aquapod is built with high quality thick durable plastic and is designed to last.

Additional Information

Model GAP1001
Dimensions 330mm (13 inches) x 195mm (7.75 inches) x 341mm (13.5 inches)
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+ Years Old
Bottle Launch Height Up to 100 Feet
Bottle Recommendation 2 Liter Bottle
Materials 3mm-4.7mm ABS plastic, check valve, stainless steel wire, rubber
O-ring (2.0mm x 14mm [ID]), nickel plated steel U peg

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